Emergency Drills and Skills

Practicing emergency skills and drills is an important aspect of our culture of safety at the birth center.

Is this because we have a lot of emergencies?


In fact, the exact opposite is true!

Emergencies in the birth center are extremely rare!

It is important for our Certified Nurse Midwives and Registered Nurse Birth Assistants to develop muscle memory and practice emergency protocols specifically because these events are so incredibly rare! Much of the equipment that we have available for emergencies in the birth center has NEVER been used outside of practice. We have regular emergency drills to practice these rare emergencies to ensure that our staff know where to quickly locate needed supplies, how to use them, and every member of the team knows their exact role!

Birth center care is an incredibly safe option with outcomes better than or equal to hospital outcomes. As a licensed and nationally accredited facility, we commit everyday to ensure the safety of every family we have the opportunity to serve.