Value Comparison

sacred Roots Birth Center vs Typical Hospital

A Comparison of offerings

Sacred RootsTypical Hospital
Length of prenatal visits30 - 60 minutes5 - 15 minutes
Childbirth Education Classes
Breastfeeding Class
Orientation Session
24/7 Direct Phone Access To Provider
guidance in birth vision creation
home-like atmosphere
kitchenette for family use
visitors (labor support persons)No restrictions2 - 3 people
children attend birthWith an adult caretaker
doulas welcome and encouraged Sometimes
provider presence throughout admission and labor
continuous external fetal monitoring*
routine IV
freedom of movement
birth in any/desired position
eat and drink freely throughout labor
cervical exam only as indicated
patience for physiologic birth
delayed cord clamping
baby separated from parent for testing/procedures
early discharge to home
phone call following discharge
postpartum/newborn home visit
1-2 week postpartum visit
4-6 week postpartum visit
*Continuous external fetal monitoring has been shown to increase the risk for cesarean section but has not been proven to improve outcomes.