I Have Looked At This Picture Thousands Of Times

I have looked at this picture thousands of times. Not looking at myself – not even looking at my baby. But I’ve been in awe every time I look at this and see the smile my midwife has on her face. The type of care and support that I’ve received from the ladies over at Sacred Roots Midwifery has been such an experience.

– From my very first prenatal visit to this very moment, I never once felt like I was just another patient. And THAT was why I chose a Midwife and birthing center over tradition OB/hospital care.

– I woke up with contractions that just wouldn’t go away. I was 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, so we headed to the birth center around 5am. I ended up back home since I was still in early labor.

– I labored at home all morning, with the help of my amazing Doula Fe! I seriously would have been lost without her. We walked around my neighborhood, and she supported me through each contraction. Whew chile!!! It was intense!

– We got to the birthing center and from the moment I got there, my midwife was RIGHT THERE! She wasn’t off doing other things.

– I never once felt rushed, or like my desires were not valued.

– I yelled, I punched walls, I cringed, I cried, I breathed, I paced, and simply surrendered to my body.

– Every step of the way, my doula, midwife, nurse, and husband poured positive affirmations into me!

– There’s so much more I can say about my experience but there just aren’t enough words! Birth is so beautiful and amazing! I felt empowered.

– Natalie

Photos: megannicolephotographyllc