Making Friends!

Guest Blog from Sacred Roots client Danielle!

When I was about 37-38 weeks pregnant with my second baby boy, I downloaded the app Peanut to look for other moms in my area to connect with. To be honest, I couldn’t find many that I clicked with or seemed to have similar interests.

I found Erica’s profile and loved her maternity pics and she had in her bio that she was doing a gender reveal at birth and hoping for a water birth! I messaged and asked if she happened to be using Sacred Roots! She was obviously, and we just went from there.

We supported each other throughout the end of our pregnancies and our boys were born about 7 weeks apart. It was so amazing to have someone like-minded to share experience with and to lean on during the ups and downs of motherhood and the “fourth trimester.”

We ended up giving birth in the same birthing suite, and both assisted by Angela!! It’s so special to know our boys were born in the same tub, with the same midwife. I am SO grateful we crossed paths, I absolutely adore her and her baby boy! We both are the biggest supporters of Sacred Roots and our midwives are soooo special to us and our families.


Thank you so much Danielle and Erica for being part of the Sacred Roots family and sharing your story!