Natural Birth

The most common reason we hear for clients choosing Sacred Roots for their pregnancy and birth experience is that they want a natural birth.

What does this mean? Natural birth?

This isn’t a term that our team typically uses – natural birth can mean different things to different people. For some, this term is equivalent to vaginal birth. For others, this term means birth without an epidural. For the majority of our clients, this term means unmedicated, physiologic, vaginal birth without unnecessary interventions.

A desire for physiologic labor and birth without unnecessary interventions is a PERFECT reason to choose midwifery and birth center care! This is our specialty!

But what about the pain!?!

Here’s the deal: There is a HUGE difference between coping with labor while strapped to a monitor lying in a hospital bed rather than moving in whatever ways your body tells you to move during labor. Eating and drinking freely throughout labor ensure that you have energy to birth your baby.

At Sacred Roots, Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education is INCLUDED in your program of care. This is a series of classes designed to ensure that you have the tools that you need heading into labor and birth. This is in addition to our lending library AND 30 to 60 minute appointments with your midwives to ensure that you have the tools that you need before labor, birth, and the postpartum/breastfeeding period. Comprehensive education is critical to meet your birth goals!

The sensation of birth can be intense. Our team and environment is 100% designed to assist you! We are absolutely committed to supporting your birth wishes! You may move around the birth center and your birth suite freely – we monitor your baby intermittently with a doppler. Tools such as hydrotherapy, birthing balls, low lighting, heat and/or ice, birthing stools, and more can all be used for labor support. And if you hire a doula, that is the icing on the cake to support your physiologic birth plans!

Birth centers are a SAFE and ideal option for you meet your physiologic labor and birth goals.