What is a Water Birth

What is a Water Birth

Natural birthing methods are becoming more popular since many mothers seek delivery without any medical or surgical intervention. This has given rise to the popularity of water birth. 

While it may seem daunting; it’s really not all that scary! Here’s what you need to know about water birth. 


What is Water Birth?


Water birth refers to the act of spending a part of, or the entirety of your labor underwater in a tub, pool, or a specialized birthing suite at birth centers. You can choose whether or not you want to actually give birth underwater or just spend the initial stages of your labor underwater and then come out when it’s time to deliver.

Depending on how you choose for it to go, you can be accompanied by your partner, your doula, and our midwives to assist you and encourage you throughout the process.


What are the Benefits?


If you have had a normal vaginal delivery in the past or have had a low-risk pregnancy and qualify for a spontaneous vaginal delivery so far, it’s probably safe for you to attempt water birth. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider it:

  • -Women feel more in control of how their labor is progressing
  • -Greater satisfaction rates
  • -Less painful contractions
  • -Less need for an epidural
  • -Lessened need for medical intervention
  • -Decreased effect of gravity on the lower back, providing relief from pressure pains
  • -Decreased pain allows for better pushing effort
  • -The mother feels less exhausted


Do you Offer Water Birth at Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center?


If you’re thinking of trying water birth and are planning to give birth at Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center, you would be pleased to know that we surely offer it at our center! All three of our birthing suites are equipped with a jetted, whirlpool tub for labor hydrotherapy (the use of water baths for the treatment of labor pregnancy pains and aches) and water birth

All of our midwives nurse-midwives and nurses are well-trained and experienced in offering water birth for our clients. They’ll be present throughout to assist you with everything!