How Do I Know a Birth Center is Right for Me?

How Do I Know a Birth Center is Right for Me?

How Do I Know a Birth Center is Right for Me?


If you’re expecting a baby soon, congratulations! Amidst all the decisions you’re going to have to make regarding your baby and pregnancy, choosing the type of birth you want is one you’ll want to sort out as soon as possible and you might be asking yourself “how do I know a birth center is right for me?”

Once you’ve decided to deliver the natural way, a birth center might be on your mind. If you have had experience delivering naturally before or have had an uneventful, normal pregnancy so far, you are a great candidate to give birth at a birth center.

However, there’s still more to do! Once you know you’ll deliver at a birth center, choosing a birth center that suits you is crucial. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a birth center.


1. Is the staff qualified enough?


Even if you’re opting to deliver naturally, you still deserve to be in the hands of experts who know how to care for you at such an important time.

The nurse-midwives at Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center are certified and  have undergone training that enables them to deliver the best quality care to you.

So whenever you’re researching birth centers, always make sure to check if the faculty and care providers are experienced and qualified to deliver what they promise.


2. Do they cater to the kind of birth plan you want?


A birth plan is how you want your delivery to proceed. You get to decide your mode of delivery, the setting, the people you want around yourself at that time, and any other special requests you have regarding the environment of the birthing suite.

For example, if you want to labor in water, see if your birth center provides water birth. You can also check for other things that you might want around your birth setting. This could be music, aromatherapy, or even a chiropractor if you want one.


3. Do they make emergency home visits if needed?


Labor isn’t how you always plan for it to be. It can sometimes happen a little early or later.

See if your birth center gives you the option to call your midwife in case of an emergency. Some birth centers will even visit your home while staying on the call with you to assist you when you need it.


4. Are they located at a convenient location?


Convenience is always something you need to take into consideration when choosing a birth center.  To ensure timely prenatal and natal visits, always choose a birth center that you have easy access to.

If you have to use public transportation, make sure your routes are planned accordingly so you can get to your birth center with ease.


5. Do they provide prenatal and postpartum care?


Some birth centers also provide pre-pregnancy well-woman care as well as postpartum follow-up care. If that’s something you want, look for birth centers with that service.

It’s always good to go to the same place for your postpartum care since you’re already familiar with the environment and the people. And they know your history and your case pretty well too, so they can naturally cater to your needs in a better way.


6. Ask for reviews


Join online groups or communities with prospective or new mothers in your area. Ask around for reviews, read testimonials, and do an initial appointment to make sure you’re covering all bases before settling on a birth center. 

Never hesitate to ask any questions! Any good birth center would be more than happy to cater to you.

At Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center, we hold client satisfaction as our top priority, we always want you to feel supported throughout your  pregnancy journey!