Are Birth Centers Expensive?

Are Birth Centers Expensive

Are Birth Centers Expensive?


When choosing the right place for your birth, expenses are an important factor that goes into the decision-making process.

The costs you incur at a birth center largely depend upon what kind of birth center you’re choosing and what services you opt for. In general, giving birth at a birth center costs less than what you’d pay at a hospital care facility. Sometimes that might not be the case.

However, the costs may be covered by your insurance in some cases, making out-of-pocket expenses minimal. 


How Does Billing Work?


Once we collect your insurance information at the initial prenatal visit, we will create an Explanation of Benefits based on the anticipated coverage by your plan. This will determine your anticipated out-of-pocket expenses. 

Billing and payment options based upon your estimated expenses will be reviewed at your second visit. Pregnancy is billed globally – this means that rather than billing your insurance company for each office visit, your insurance company will be billed all at once on the date you give birth. 

This global fee covers your prenatal care, labor, and birth care, as well as your postpartum care.


Who Are Commercial Payers?


Commercial payers are insurance plans that an employer typically offers to their employees. 

For self-employed individuals; it is an insurance policy for which you pay a premium. The most common commercial payers are United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, and Anthem.


What Services Are Not Covered By Global Maternity Or Birth Facility Fees?


Excluded services from the Global Maternity Care fee include labs, ultrasounds, Rhophylac, non-stress tests (NSTs), labor checks outside of normal clinic hours, and problem visits unrelated to pregnancy. 

Excluded services from the Birth Center Facility fee include non-routine medications, such as antibiotics for GBS+ (Group B Streptococcus) clients or IV fluids for dehydration.


What Happens With Billing If I Transfer Care Before Birth?


Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center will bill only for services that were performed, the rest of the services will be charged by the transferred facility as per their policies. 

For any other questions, feel free to contact us or your insurance provider.