Who Should Come to My Birth?

Who Should Come to My Birth?

Who Should Come to My Birth?


When you are thinking about who you want at your birth, it is important to think about who you feel comfortable being around in a very vulnerable moment. Whether that is just you and your partner or a family member or even a doula, you only want people there that will best support you! 

Research has shown that many women suffer less anxiety and lower labor pains in the presence of a strong support system, so it is important to build a team that you can count on! 




Your birth team at Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center will consist of your midwife and nurse. You will have multiple visits with all of our midwives, so you are comfortable with everybody no matter which midwife is present at the time. We never want you to feel like you have a stranger at your birth. Our goal is to foster a comfortable environment providing support throughout your labor, birth, and for several hours afterwards. 




A doula is another support person that a family might choose to have on their care team. Doulas are professionals who provide physical and emotional support to you and your partner. They don’t provide medical care, but they can assist you through comfort measures and techniques, help you craft your birth plan, and cheer you on during the process. Doulas can also be great at helping your partner understand their role in labor and birth. 




Your partner can encourage you and offer comfort in a time that can be challenging. When you are in the midst of labor it can be hard to advocate for yourself, so your partner is a great resource to make sure that the birth is staying as true to your plan as possible and advocating for you on your behalf. 


Giving birth is an intense and personal experience, and your team should reflect that. Stay true to yourself and the vision you see for your family, and create an environment that will uplift and empower you and then you can never go wrong!