Sterile Water Papules

Sterile Water Papules

Sterile Water Papules


If you’re well into your pregnancy and nearing the birth of your baby, it’s good to research different options of pain relief that you might want to use for your labor.


There are many natural methods of pain relief like breathing exercises, waterbirth, nitrous oxide, and more available at the birth center, some mothers need extra help, which is completely okay!


One additional method of pain relief that can be very helpful, especially when dealing with back labor is  sterile water papule injections.



What are sterile water injections?


Sterile water injections are exactly what they sound like. They are injections of medical-grade sterile water that contain no other chemicals or medications.


These are specially manufactured distilled water injections that are approved for medical purposes. You can not use sterile water at home for the same purpose as it may pose a risk to you in terms of causing infections.


Most hospitals and birth centers offer it as a method of pain relief during labor. It is a great method to resort to if you need some pain relief but want a completely natural, medication-free birth. 



How is it used in labor?


Sterile water injections are inserted into the skin on your lower back, namely, the lumbar area where some women feel extra pain during labor. 


When injected into the skin, it works as an anesthetic by hyperstimulation of the pain-inhibitory nerve fiber, which lessens the sensation of pain and makes it easier for women to labor. 


They are considered completely safe and pose no serious risk to the mother or the baby.



What are the side effects?


The initial side effects may include mild discomfort and tingling at the site of insertion. 


Other side effects can include infection or injection side reactions if proper aseptic measures have not been taken. 


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