Second Trimester Tips

Second Trimester Tips



Second Trimester Tips


If this is your first pregnancy, you may be trying to learn all you can about the upcoming trimesters and what to expect. If you’ve made it through your first trimester, congratulations! That one is often the toughest. Let’s find out what your second trimester has in store!


As you enter your second trimester, things usually become more relaxed. The morning sickness settles, and you can likely enjoy pregnancy a little more. But if you’re still worried how things might progress, let’s walk you through it.


When does the second trimester start?

The second trimester of your pregnancy begins 13 weeks onwards until week 26 of your pregnancy. Roughly, it’s months 4, 5, and 6.


You will get more comfortable, but your pregnancy will become visibly prominent. A lot of the anxiety you may have had during the first few weeks is likely to settle down.


What to avoid during the second trimester?

The second trimester is when your baby’s organs develop. Take these precautions as you go forward.


-Avoid smoking as it may lead to cardiac defects in the baby

-Avoid alcohol

-Try to restrict your caffeine intake to under 200mg/day

-Don’t use recreational drugs

-Avoid medication not approved by your healthcare provider 

-Don’t consume raw fish, including sushi

-Don’t have fish that is high in mercury, like swordfish, mackerel, and white snapper fish

-Avoid strenuous exercises or contact sports that increase your risk of getting injured


What should I be doing during the second trimester?

Now that we have covered what we need to avoid, let’s talk about things you should do during this time!


-Continue taking your prenatal vitamins as recommended by your healthcare provider

-Engage in pregnancy-friendly workouts like yoga, swimming, and walking

-Start thinking about your birth plan; how you want to give birth, where you want to do it, etc

-Consider taking any birth classes that you might be interested in

-Maintain a healthy diet; avoid large meals at once. Instead, take small portions throughout the day to avoid indigestion

-Attend your prenatal appointments as scheduled


For any questions that you may have, ask your healthcare provider during your routine prenatal visits. Good luck!