Birth Balls in Labor

Birth Balls in Labor

Birth Balls in Labor


Movement during labor is something we advocate for! It is safe and can be extremely helpful in progressing your baby down the birth canal. 


While some movement tends to be uncomfortable or difficult for pregnant women, using a birthing ball can be super helpful as a tool for your labor.


Why do people use birth balls?


A birthing ball helps pregnant women move around easily and reduces the risk of injury.


It also helps alleviate pressure from your joints by providing comfortable positions to move around.


Can you use a birth ball before labor?


Yes, you can use a birthing ball whenever you want since it’s essentially the same as a gym or yoga ball. The main differences are that a birth ball comes with an anti-slip finish and is bigger.


You can use a birth or yoga ball for different yoga techniques even before your labor to help open up your pelvis and ease back pain, and you can use the ball as support while sitting and leaning forward.


Does a birthing ball help labor progress?


Using a birthing ball during labor is beneficial in terms of comfort, but it can also help progress labor more effectively.


It helps position your pelvis to increase blood flow to the muscles, which helps dilate the cervix and makes it easier for the baby to move downwards.


What are some ways to use birth balls in labor?


Here are some ways you can use a birth ball during labor:


  • Sit on the birth ball. Rock sideways in a swaying motion to help align your spine and ease back pain.
  • Lean forward on the bed and rest against the ball to alleviate some back pressure.
  • Sit on the ball and move in slow circles using your toes. This will help massage your back and ease the tightness in your lower back.


If you need help using a birthing ball, you can always ask us during your prenatal appointments or consider hiring a doula to assist you!