What is a Birth Center?

What is a Birth Center?


If you’re having or planning to have a baby, it’s good to explore all the different options that you have. While most already think they know about conventional hospital birth, there are other ways you can give birth, including at a birth center. Keep reading to learn more about birth at a birth center!


What is a birth center?


Birth centers provide family-centered care for healthy women before, during, and after normal pregnancy, labor, and birth. It is a home-like facility, existing within a healthcare system with a program of care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth. They are guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, safety, appropriate medical intervention, and cost-effectiveness.


Who can deliver?


The majority of women are good candidates for a birth out of hospital. Women who choose care here are committed to maintaining optimum health and well-being during their pregnancies and birthing naturally. These women desire shared decision-making with their provider.


Some reasons why your healthcare provider may advise against a birth center birth are:

– Having a pre-existing medical condition such as a heart condition, uncontrolled diabetes, or high blood pressure

– Having twins, triplets, or higher multiple gestations (your babies may require more intensive medical attention in this case)

– You have had a previous history of having a high-risk pregnancy

– You have had a C-section prior to this pregnancy

– Your placenta is low-lying or adherent

– Your baby is breech


What should you expect?


If you’re planning to give birth at a birth center, you can expect a more hospitable and comfortable environment than that of a hospital. You can also expect more autonomy since birth centers have no standard interventions.


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