How does a Birthing Center differ from a Hospital?

How does a Birthing Center differ from a Hospital?



How does a Birthing Center differ from a Hospital?


Birth centers are run by Midwives who are experts in holistic prenatal and postpartum care, and unmedicated birth, water birth, and centering your family’s needs and desires. 


While a birth center still caters to specific national standards for hygiene and care, the environment is a lot more relaxed and different from what you would experience at a hospital. 


Here are some of the main differences between a birth center and a hospital:


– The birth center caters to fewer clients compared to a hospital, which allows for our care providers to provide individualized attention to each and every one of our clients.

– Birth Centers and Midwives in particular specialize in promoting natural, unmedicated birth for healthy, low-risk pregnancies.

– Most hospitals usually have specific rules regarding the number of visitors you can have with you in the labor suite. On the contrary, you can have whoever you want in your birthing suite at a birth center.

– Hospitals have a standard protocol of medications and procedures that they utilize with almost every mother, while birth centers give you the option to choose your care for your needs.

– The rooms at a birth center are designed to create a home-like feel. You can also customize them by bringing in your favorite items like a blanket, essential oils, and even food.

– Care at hospitals is mostly provided by doctors who specialize in the field, while birth centers have Certified Nurse Midwives as your primary health providers.


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