What is the Midwifery Model of Care?

What is the Midwifery Model of Care?


What is the Midwifery Model of Care?


Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center follows the Midwifery Model of Care. This care is based on embracing the physiological aspect of pregnancy and combining it with knowledge and experience-based care. It involves respecting our clients’ dignity, autonomy, and privacy and enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding their care. Let’s learn more about it!


What is the midwifery model of care?


The midwifery model of care is based on holistic care practices. It highlights the emotional as well as physical needs of a birthing person during their pregnancy and otherwise. 


This model of care aims to treat each person as an individual with unique needs and specific requirements of care. It provides them with a space that encourages them to share these requirements so everyone works as a team that works toward creating the best birthing experience for each person.


What are the components of the midwifery model of care?


Some components of midwifery care include:


– Monitoring a birthing person’s physical, psychological, and social well-being throughout the reproductive years

– Educating and counseling the mother regarding health, symptoms, and other topics of concern

– Minimizing the need for medical or surgical intervention through regular preventive care practices

– Working with medical practitioners for clients that need gynecological or obstetric care and referring them when a transfer of care is necessary



What are the benefits of the midwifery model of care?


Some benefits of the midwifery model of care include:


– Lower incidence of cesarean section

– Lower risk of complications arising due to epidural

– Improved rates of breastfeeding 

– Decreased rates of infant mortality and morbidity

– Reduced risk of maternal complications after birth

– Decreased level of maternal anxiety before birth

– More freedom to incorporate personal choices into your birth/care plan


How is the midwifery model different from the medical model?


While both models of care are complementary, they are different when considered individually. 


The major difference is that in the medical model of care, the bulk of responsibility for care provision lies on the physician mainly. However, in midwifery, each person can make most decisions regarding their care.


The medical model of care follows a protocol that applies to every person under care. Each person is subject to the same tests and exams that allow doctors to evaluate their health and condition and advise care accordingly. On the contrary, midwifery is client-led care. Tests and exams are only advised when they are considered necessary by your midwife. 


While one can not claim one to be better than the other, the midwifery model of care is the perfect crosslink between creating a home-like environment and providing you with expert care throughout your childbearing experience.


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