Educational Classes at the Birth Center

Educational Classes at the Birth Center


Educational Classes at the Birth Center


Families seeking out of hospital or unmedicated birth experiences will benefit from having as much knowledge as possible. We believe in empowering people by providing information and letting them make the best choices for them and their families. Families can research different options and feel confident after making their decision.


 Here is a breakdown of our educational classes that we offer here: 


Class 1: 


In this class we start with breaking down the labor and birth process so you can understand how your body works as it goes through labor. We also discuss what happens after giving birth and what to expect in an emergency if the situation were to arise. 


Class 2: 


This class is a detailed account of how to cope with an unmedicated labor, how emotions play a role in your laboring body, and how feeling supported can make your birth process go smoothly. 


Class 3: 


Our third class is focused on postpartum and newborn care. You will experience a lot of new things after having a baby, and it is important to be educated about this and how to focus on your recovery and healing during this time. You will also learn about normal newborn behavior and what to expect. 


Class 4: 


Our last class is all about nursing. We focus on the fundamentals and go over some common challenges that other mothers have experienced. 


Childbirth Classes at Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center


Our childbirth education classes are mandatory for:

– first time parents

– families who have never had an out of hospital birth

– families who have never had an unmedicated birth


We want our families to have as much knowledge as possible and be prepared for an out of hospital birth. Families who have had a previous birth at the hospital or with medications may not need to take all of the classes, but we usually encourage them to still take some classes so they feel comfortable. 


Our families will schedule their classes during their visit, and they will receive childbirth education materials for the course.


We also have a lending library at the birth center for our families to spend time learning more about other birth related topics and help them understand and prepare for their birth.