Transferring Care to Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center

Transferring Care to Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center


Transferring Care to Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center


A question we are often asked is if it is possible to receive care at Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center if someone has already started care elsewhere. The short answer is absolutely yes! 


Many clients transfer care to Sacred Roots during their pregnancy. During the course of prenatal care, some find that their current provider or anticipated hospital is not a good fit for their desired pregnancy and birth experience. Finding a healthcare team that is on the same page as you for birth is important. 


Why do some families decide to transfer care?

Families often consider transferring care to a birth center because they desire a natural birth. Birth centers provide just that. A birth center offers a home-like facility, with a guiding principle that a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and health care provides better outcomes for moms and babies. We believe that minimal or no intervention is optimal care for low-risk women who have no complications. 


Personalized care is another factor that might have some families looking for a different type of healthcare. We believe in evidence-based care and provide our clients with the latest scientific evidence to support an informed choice, meaning that our clients are a crucial part of the decision-making in their own care.


Care at a birth center offers a tailored approach that focuses on the promotion of health, development of individual responsibility in health care, and shared decision making. Every mother and every birth is different. We believe in empowering those we serve to take the primary role as decision makers for the health care needs of their families. 


How Late Can I Transfer into Care?

We generally accept transfers until 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. We will ask you to fill out records requests so that we can receive records from your previous provider. 


Will I still be able to get to know my midwives if I transfer late in pregnancy?

At Sacred Roots, you will receive care that is highly personalized, time-intensive, and evidenced-based. Whether you start care at 8-weeks or 30-weeks, you will have ample time with our team to learn, talk, ask questions, and become comfortable with our midwives.


At a birth center, our goal is to understand your choices and help you achieve your goals. The midwifery model of care focuses on personalized and continuous support, and we understand that prenatal care is an important time for developing a relationship with our clients and their families.


If you are interested in transferring your care to Sacred Roots, send us a message so we can help you get started!