Sacred Roots Childbirth Education: Labor & Birth

Childbirth Education: Labor & Birth

Sacred Roots Childbirth Education: Labor & Birth


Here at Sacred Roots, we offer four different educational classes to our families. Childbirth education is important because it provides our clients with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for what is to come. At Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center, we believe in evidence-based care. To set our families up for success, we offer these classes so we can provide the latest scientific evidence to support informed decision making. 


Benefits of Childbirth Education:


  1. Builds confidence in your body’s ability to give birth
  2. Discuss fears about labor and birth with other expectant parents in similar situations
  3. Learn about childbirth and how to support you on the big day
  4. Create a special bond between you and your partner
  5. Discuss pain relief options 


In childbirth education classes, you also get to see the facility and get acquainted with the space that you will be giving birth at. It is a great time to ask questions about routine practices, what you can do in the space, and anything else that might come to mind. 


Class 1:


The first class goes over the labor and birth process. 


In this class, we will go through all of the stages of labor and the ways that your body is changing and preparing to bring your baby into the world. 


Labor is divided into three stages

  1. Stage 1: this is the start of labor, and it ends with full cervical dilation and effacement
  2. Stage 2: starts with the complete cervical dilation and ends with the delivery of the baby
  3. Stage 3: starts after the baby is born and ends when the placenta is delivered


We will go into the detaisl of each stage and talk about how the birth of the placenta is still a part of birth and the changes that are occuring at that moment in your body. 


The last part of the first class is what to expect in an emergency situation. We want families to feel truly confident about having an out of hospital birth and to know what a transfer situation would look like in the event that something like that would happen. 

We believe that when women are empowered to make informed decisions in their health care, they then empower their children and partners, which leads to improvement of the health and wellbeing of the family and community. We believe this can start with the education, care, and advocacy provided by their midwives.


If you want to learn more about our classes that we offer, send us a message