Does Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center Offer Induction Methods?

Does Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center Offer Induction Methods?

Does Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center Offer Induction Methods?


While we encourage the natural process of birth with minimal interventions, sometimes when you go past your due date we look for natural ways to help you to encourage labor. 


This is important, as prolonged pregnancy can sometimes cause harm to you and your baby’s health. 


While there are several ways to induce labor medically via medication and instruments, we approach encouragement of labor with natural and holistic methods for a number of reasons.


Why Does Sacred Roots Not Offer Medication Induction?

Using a pitocin IV is one of the most common methods of induction used at a hospital. With this method of induction, mothers receive a synthetic version of oxytocin over a few hours to encourage uterine dilation and offset labor.


However, we don’t offer this method at a birth center since receiving IV pitocin requires close monitoring of your vitals. Pitocin is associated with a low heart rate and high blood pressure, both of which can be detrimental if not addressed timely. 


It also has a chance of failure, in which case you may require a C-section, which we do not offer at the birth center.


Induction Techniques Offered at Sacred Roots


Instead of pitocin, we offer natural methods of induction that carry fewer risks.


To give one example, one of the ways to induce labor naturally is via the Foley bulb. The Foley bulb is an inflatable balloon that is injected with sterile saline or sterile water to inflate it.


This bulb is passed into your uterus in its deflated state using fingers or via a speculum. It is then inflated inside the uterus. This puts pressure directly on the cervix and helps it open up.


The foley bulb can help release prostaglandins and dilate your cervix. However, it doesn’t always work to induce labor, requiring additional techniques for induction.


Are there other natural ways to induce labor?

Apart from using a Foley bulb, other natural induction techniques include:


– Moving around and being more active

– Being more active in bed

– Acupressure

– Certain foods

– Castor oil

– Nipple stimulation


If we recommend inducing labor for you, we’ll talk to you beforehand and let you know all the options so you can make an informed decision. Please be assured that your safety and autonomy are our top priorities, and we’ll do whatever we can to safeguard them.


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!