Well Person Care With a Midwife

Well Person Care With a Midwife

Well Person Care With a Midwife


A nurse-midwife is your partner for lifelong wellness. At Sacred Roots, we provide care throughout the lifecycle, including general as well as reproductive healthcare from adolescence to postmenopause.

What Services Do You Provide For Well Person Care?

Our nurse midwives provide complete well person exams, including a thorough head-to-toe assessment, health history, and other examinations. We are also trained for specialized testing that includes Pap smear testing, clinical breast exams, lifestyle and nutritional assessment, and support for wellness goals.


We can also help address any other health concerns you might have, including family planning, STD care, postmenopausal care, etc. If needed, a midwife will refer you to a specialist if a problem is outside their scope, but rest assured that your healthcare needs will be taken care of.

How long are the appointments?

We schedule GYN, or well person visits, for a full hour. It gives you a full hour to review your health concerns and issues. It also gives us time to properly hear all your concerns and address them according to your needs.


We aim to provide a safe space for our clients to open up and share their health concerns properly. Longer appointments enable us to do that in a better way.


What Makes Well Person Care with a Midwife Different?

Midwifery care is provided by trained midwives with a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and women’s health care. They focus on promoting health, the development of individual responsibility in health care, and shared decision-making.


When you decide to visit a midwife, you receive special care that is not always present in other healthcare settings. Midwives believe that you and your family should create health experiences that will be meaningful to you. 


We spend extra time with you during your appointment, listening to your concerns and addressing (or treating) problems. 


We may provide education, suggest resources, or refer you to additional healthcare providers if needed. Your midwife strives to be your partner in care, not just your provider of care. Midwifery is a collaborative practice that involves women, families, midwives, nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, and other specialists as needed.


If you are ready to schedule your well person visit, send us a message!