What is Spinning Babies®️?

What is Spinning Babies?

What is Spinning Babies®️?

Low to moderate-impact workouts are recommended during pregnancy to help mothers stay active. Maintaining circulation and strength is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and birth experience. The program of Spinning Babies®️ takes aim to help pregnant mothers feel in tune with their bodies and promote an optimal development process for babies. 


What is Spinning Babies®️?


Spinning Babies®️ is a series of exercises meant to balance the pregnant body. We recommend that many of our clients utilize the daily balancing exercises as we’ve seen excellent results from our clients who practice. 


The three core principles of Spinning Babies®️ are balance, gravity, and movement. Each day, you’re utilizing exercises aimed at balancing your body, aligning it with gravity to lessen the gravitational pull on it, and helping you move with ease.


How do I start Spinning Babies®️?


You can either visit their website for more details or find a Spinning Babies®️ workshop or parent educator near you to help you get started. Spinning Babies®️ has different programs that help you learn and practice their techniques according to how far along you are in your pregnancy. 


Why is Spinning Babies®️ helpful?


Spinning Babies®️ can help reduce pain and discomfort by improving your muscle, bone, and nerve alignment and helping you improve posture in a way that does not cause a burden to your joints.


During pregnancy, this helps alleviate some of the discomfort from the imbalance between your spine and pelvis. Realigning that balance can improve those symptoms of pain and aches significantly.


Pelvic alignment and strength also aid you during labor by helping you push more effectively without bearing down on your spine.


If you want to learn more about the importance of exercise or Spinning Babies®️, send us a message!