How do I Know if a Birth Center is Right for Me?

How do I Know if a Birth Center is Right for Me

How do I Know if a Birth Center is Right for Me?


Birth centers have received more attention lately due to the true benefits they provide the birthing person. Are you considering if you are the right candidate to opt for a birth center birth? It can be an intimidating decision at first, but let us walk you through it.


Set Your Priorities

First, you must decide what is important to you. What are some things about your birth that you can’t compromise on or things that you’d like to change, etc?


Some things you should consider about a birth center birth include:

– It’s an unmedicated birth so you will have limited analgesia options.

– We only cater to low-risk births that can be safely delivered without any intervention.

– There is no option for a C-section and should the situation arise a transfer plan would be in place.


However, the benefits are:

– You have the freedom to spend early labor at home.

– You have a lot more say in your health-related decisions.

– You can set up your birthing suite however you like.

– You will have your birthing team in your suite during labor.

– There won’t be any unnecessary interventions or examinations during your stay.

– You won’t be given any medication if you don’t want it.

– You’re helped with breast/chestfeeding and skin-to-skin contact right after birth.


Do Your Research

It’s important to understand what makes someone’s health status suitable for a birth center birth and what “risks” them out of care. 


Some risk factors include:

– Previous C-section

– High-risk pregnancy

– Placental disorders

– Diabetes

– High blood pressure

– Twin pregnancy

– Breech presentation

– Bleeding disorder


We will assess if you are a good candidate for care during our first appointment. Safety is our top priority! 


Typically people who choose Sacred Roots are:

– Committed to maintaining optimum health and well-being during their pregnancies and birthing naturally,

– Seeking shared decision-making with their provider,

– Understanding that in most cases, minimal medical intervention is safest for both birthing person and baby and in fact, support and patience are often all that is needed as the birthing person births their baby.


If you desire a physiologic or an unmedicated birth, Sacred Roots is a great place for you to be. If you’re not sure if a birth center birth is right for you, send us a message and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.