Do You Offer Water Birth?

Do You Offer Water Birth?

Do You Offer Water Birth?


Water birth is a great option for labor because of the different benefits it provides, relaxing and alleviating some of the back pain or discomfort felt during labor. It’s a great method to encourage physiologic birth and in most cases poses no significant risk for the mother or the baby. 


Do We Have Water Birth Tubs at Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center?


Yes, we offer water birth at Sacred Roots. Each of our three birthing suites has a beautiful labor tub for labor hydrotherapy and waterbirth. 


Our Certified Nurse-Midwives are well-trained and experienced in handling water births, so they’ll be there to help you every step of the way.


Why choose water birth?


You might want to consider a water birth for the following benefits:

– There is more ease of movement since the water allows natural buoyancy.

– Immersing in warm water is generally relaxing for the birthing person and helps tone down anxiety levels.

– The decreased pressure on the lower back and lowered sensation of pain encourages birthing people to push effectively, which helps shorten the labor duration.

– The experience helps release endorphins which lessens the need for pain medication.


Is water birth safe for the baby?


Water birth is usually recommended for low-risk pregnancies that have a higher chance of delivering without intervention or medication. This helps ensure the safety of the baby and the birthing person.


That said, there is no significant risk with laboring in water. ACOG recommends laboring in water and delivering outside of the water, while other organizations such as the ACNM advocate for water birth due to its many benefits. 


In rare cases, some disadvantages of water birth include:

– Infection from bacteria that might be in the water

– Possible inhalation of water during birth

However, these can be avoided with proper preparation and skilled healthcare provision.


Is giving birth in water less painful?


Being immersed in warm water helps birthing people relax, which encourages the release of endorphins. Since endorphins are natural pain-relievers, they help lower the sensation of pain and discomfort during labor.


Additionally, the gravitational pressure on your lower back is also lessened under water. This helps release pain that arises due to continuous contractions.


Do I need to inform the birth center ahead of time if I want a water birth?


While it’s good to discuss your birth plan with us ahead of time, there’s no need to commit to water birth in advance. You can always decide if it’s something you want when you’re in labor.


When labor starts, our labor and birth team will greet you at the birth center and assess your well-being. We will integrate our care into your labor process with as little disturbance as possible. 


We aim to foster a comfortable environment, providing support throughout your labor, birth, and several hours afterward. We are respectful and responsive to you, your family, and your baby.