Transferring into Sacred Roots Care

Transferring into Sacred Roots Care

Transferring to Sacred Roots Care


If you started your pregnancy journey at a hospital or elsewhere and want to transfer your care to Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center, you are welcome here! 


Maybe you aren’t satisfied with the quality of care you’re getting or simply want to switch to a more holistic care model; either way, we want you to find the right care for you.


Ideally, we prefer that clients start their pregnancy journey with us from the beginning, but of course, that’s not always possible. At Sacred Roots, we are happy to take transfers for clients who qualify for natural birth.


Does transfer of care impact my pregnancy outcome? 


This depends on who your previous care provider was and how long you waited before transferring care to us. But as long as your previous provider was certified and provided standardized care, you probably don’t have much to worry about.


That said, having your care with us from the beginning of the pregnancy may make a difference in the overall outcome. From early prenatal visits, we focus on aspects that help lay the foundation of a healthy pregnancy. Of course, when you join us later in the course of your pregnancy, you’ll miss some of these prenatal visits where we spend time counseling you on nutrition, birth education, and exercise. We will of course use the amount of time we have together to cover as much as we can and help you feel informed and prepared for your birth.


How can I transfer care to Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center?


If you want to transfer into our care, you should first reach out to us to arrange an initial appointment.


We’ll need you to send us all the usual labs and ultrasounds that you’ve gotten done so far during this pregnancy. This will help us evaluate if you qualify for our care and proceed with your care transfer. 


If you have had a baby before, we also encourage bringing along your previous pregnancy records.


We want to be able to review your records as soon as you come in and make sure that having your care with us is safe and appropriate for you! It will also help us understand your and your baby’s health and plan our care accordingly.


Ready to start your transfer? Send us a message