Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care


At Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center, we understand the importance of the postpartum period, so we start helping you prepare for it early during your prenatal journey. 


Pregnancy, albeit a physiological process, puts the birthing person’s body through various physical and chemical changes. After pregnancy, as the body adapts to its pre-pregnancy state with pregnancy-induced changes, the right amount of support helps ensure this process is seamless and comfortable for the birthing person and baby.


Postpartum Visit Schedule 


Your first postpartum visit will be a home visit about 24-48 hours after birth. A midwife will come to your home and check in with you.


In your first postpartum visit, we:

– Perform newborn screenings 

– Help you with breastfeeding

– Make sure that you and your baby are settling in well

– Check your vitals to ensure you don’t have a fever or any other worrying signs


Your second postpartum visit will be 1 week after the first visit. This takes place at the birth center, and it lasts one hour.


During the second postpartum visit, we:

– Talk about your birth experience and find out if you have any feedback or questions

– Talk about how you’re doing and how you’re feeling; f you’re eating well, sleeping enough, etc

– Check in with you on a mental and emotional level, and look out for signs of any postpartum mental illnesses

– Perform a physical assessment of birthing person and baby


We provide help with breast/chestfeeding if you need it. We’ll sometimes recommend that our clients see a lactation consultant, and we can help them connect with one.


Your third postpartum visit will be 6 weeks after birth and lasts up to one hour. This visit mainly focuses on you since the baby’s care is transferred to a pediatrician. 


During the third postpartum visit, we:

– Can discuss family planning, decide which option suits you best, and when to start it

– Plan your next PAP smear

– Perform a physical assessment to ensure you’re healing well

– Answer any other questions you might have regarding postpartum care


If you’re still struggling with issues like incontinence or weak bladder, we will help you connect with pelvic floor therapists. Similarly, if you require any referrals for any other problems that you might have, we’ll make arrangements accordingly and help you in whatever way we can.


You can also call us if you need additional help between your appointments.