Working Closely with Chiropractic Care

Working Closely with Chiropractic Care

Working Closely with Chiropractic Care


Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center works closely with Sacred Spines Chiropractic in providing holistic care for our clients. The beauty of working together is that we know that our clients are in good hands and are getting the best of prenatal and chiropractic care combined.


The quality of care aligns with high standards, making it easier to care for clients in a seamless and reliable process. 


Who is Sacred Spines Chiropractic?

Sacred Spines Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Hartwell (Chiropractor, EPT™ Practitioner). She has over 14 years of experience providing chiropractic care for pregnant women and babies and aims to extend her expertise in assuring wellness for families all over Indianapolis.


Sacred Spines Chiropractic has a team of certified experts in the field that specialize in the services of:


– Prenatal chiropractic care

– Pediatric chiropractic care

– Craniosacral therapy


And other chiropractic forms of care.


How does chiropractic care fit into prenatal care?

Pregnancy can bring about a myriad of different physical changes in the body that can cause discomfort. Prenatal chiropractic care aims to make pregnancy more comfortable by providing a safe method to alleviate discomfort and pain.


Whether it is pregnancy-related nausea, headaches, or lower back pain; experts at Sacred Spines Chiropractic are trained in specialized treatments to help you feel better and make the experience more comfortable. 


Going to a certified prenatal chiropractic practitioner is essential to ensure the safety of you and your baby.


Should I get chiropractic care after pregnancy?

Postpartum recovery can often take a toll on a mother’s body. Resorting to chiropractic care can aid healing and make the process easier. Some benefits of postpartum chiropractic care include:


– Pain relief

– Reduction in physical and mental stress

– Rehabilitation of pelvic floor

– Alignment of spine and pelvis


We are constantly in touch to provide excellent care to our clients. For more details, schedule an appointment with Sacred Spines Chiropractic!