Childbirth Education Class 3: Newborn/Postpartum Care

Childbirth Education Class 3: Newborn/Postpartum Care

Childbirth Education Class 3: Newborn/Postpartum Care

At Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center, we offer four different classes on childbirth education for our families.

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Postpartum Care at Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center


Childbirth is an exciting time for families. However, postnatal care for mothers and babies is imperative in the first six weeks following delivery. Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center is a comprehensive wellness facility providing end-to-end support to mothers and their families who opt for out-of-hospital birth. Postpartum care is an integral component of our services. We aim to educate parents and families taking the unmedicated birth route regarding newborn care. The third class in our series focuses on what to expect when you bring your bundle of joy home and how to cope with life with a newborn. 


Why Postpartum Care is Important


At Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center, we treat birth as a natural process. It is a cause for celebration rather than a medical procedure. 

Postpartum care can be challenging, especially for first-time moms who need the time to bond with their babies, while also focusing on their recovery. Our classes promote the well-being of the infant, as well as the emotional, physical, and mental health of the mother. It fosters a nurturing environment that enables mothers to deal with complications like postpartum infections, depression, and feeding.

Postpartum is a vulnerable time for parents with the various adjustments to their lives and routines. This is why building confidence early is a top priority so that mothers are well-equipped to understand their newborn’s behavior and take care of them without compromising healing.


What to Expect in the Class


During class, we’ll provide a rundown of immediate newborn care and what to expect 4 to 6 hours after birth. 

Our expert midwives and support personnel will employ various techniques to help parents understand how to bond with their new baby and cope with challenges associated with the transitionary period. We believe that demonstrations and scenario-based training work the best, for example, showing mothers how to hold their babies or what sleeping positions to put them in. We also present evidence-based resources such as research articles and medical journals so that parents can make informed decisions that are best for their family. A holistic approach that encompasses all facets of the recovery process is key to building confidence. 


What we talk about in class


We’ll cover a range of topics in class, spanning physical and non-physical problems that might occur postpartum, along with what to look out for to ensure the baby’s safety and health. Here are some of the things we’ll address:


The road to healing


Your body will go through many changes 6 to 8 weeks after delivery to return to normal. We’ll talk about signs and symptoms to watch for, such as abdominal pain and vaginal discharge, and when to contact us for help. We’ll also go through other common postpartum effects and their management, e.g., constipation and hemorrhoids, which are common at this stage. 


Postpartum depression


Hormonal changes may bring forth a tirade of mood swings, including feeling blue. Postpartum depression is a medical issue that may lead to anxiety, self-harm, or even thoughts of hurting the baby. We’ll provide a list of signs to look out for and when to contact the Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center for support and treatment.




We believe every individual deserves support for their distinct breastfeeding relationship. We’ll talk about lactation, how to ensure the baby gets enough milk, and how to pump. 

At Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center, we advocate the best care for your prenatal and postpartum voyage. For more information on our classes and how to schedule them, send us a message!