Class 4: Chest & Breastfeeding

Class 4: Chest & Breastfeeding

Class 4: Chest & Breastfeeding


As part of our birthing and parenting education, we offer four different classes to our families. Go back to find our blogs on Labor and Birth, Coping with Unmedicated Birth, and Newborn/Postpartum Care


Each class aims to cover an important aspect relating to birth or parenting that will help parents get acquainted with what to expect following the birth of their baby.

Class 4: Chest/Breastfeeding

This class covers one of the most talked-about topics regarding parenting: chest/breastfeeding. We understand that expectations regarding chest/breastfeeding can be overwhelming for first-time mothers. However, given the importance of breastfeeding for the mother and the baby, it’s essential that we educate and overcome false perceptions to encourage it.


We talk new parents through the major aspects of chest/breastfeeding so they have a better idea of what to expect and can go forward knowing they have a guiding hand to help them throughout. It helps them to know they’re not alone and we’re here to help them with any issues they face during their chest/breastfeeding journey.


While a lot of our families choose to chest/breastfeed, some may decide to do mixed feeding. Either way, some component of chest/breastfeeding is still part of their postpartum journey. So this class can be really helpful going forward.

What Does The Class Cover?

During this class, we’ll talk about two major things:


  • Normal fundamentals of chest/breastfeeding

This covers what normal chest/breastfeeding entails; the frequency of feeding, the technique, the positioning, etc. This is to give you an idea of what a usual chest/breastfeeding experience should be like.


Of course, everyone’s journey is different, so it may take a while for you to get there, but knowing your goals can help you work towards them in a better way.


  • Common challenges or issues during chest/breastfeeding

Chest/breastfeeding is not easy initially. There are several challenges that you may face when starting. We talk about some of the common problems we see with our clients and then provide guidance on how to overcome these problems and when to seek help.

Some of the common challenges seen with chest/breastfeeding

These are some of the common chest/breastfeeding related issues we usually see with our clients:

– Sore or cracked nipples

– Not enough milk production

– Breast engorgement

– Improper latch

– Mastitis

– Tongue tie


We talk about each of these problems and their respective solutions in more detail during the class. Talking about these problems beforehand helps our clients know that they are not alone in their struggles. So if/when they feel like they have an issue, they feel confident asking for help without hesitation. 


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