What’s the Deal with Waterbirth?

Waterbirth: Why consider a waterbirth? Is it safe? Desire for waterbirth is a common reason why families choose Sacred Roots for their birth experiences. Each of our birthing suites offers a large, jetted tub for hydrotherapy and waterbirth. Hydrotherapy (the use of water in a tub or shower during labor) is very commonly used to… Continue reading What’s the Deal with Waterbirth?

Making Friends!

Guest Blog from Sacred Roots client Danielle! When I was about 37-38 weeks pregnant with my second baby boy, I downloaded the app Peanut to look for other moms in my area to connect with. To be honest, I couldn’t find many that I clicked with or seemed to have similar interests. I found Erica’s… Continue reading Making Friends!

A Brief Respite

One of my favorite moments of labor, one that happens only occasionally, is when a woman falls asleep in between contractions. I see this most often when women are in the transition phase of active labor or in the pushing stage. It is wild to think that in the midst of arguably the most intense… Continue reading A Brief Respite

How Far is too Far?

How far is too far? We get asked this question a lot! The truth is that there isn’t an easy or direct answer to this question. The majority of our clients live within 1.5 hours of the birth center although we have had clients from all over the state. Since we are the only birth… Continue reading How Far is too Far?

Choosing an Obstetric Provider and Birth Facility (Hint: Birth Centers offer increased VALUE!!)

Each pregnancy and birth is a unique experience, and choosing your obstetric provider will have a profound effect upon that experience. Many people spend a lot of time looking for a provider who shares their philosophies about pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. And while this is important, in most cases, it may be… Continue reading Choosing an Obstetric Provider and Birth Facility (Hint: Birth Centers offer increased VALUE!!)

Safe and Supportive Environment

Imagine if your worries, doubts, anxieties, and fears about birth were tangible objects that you could pack into a box and leave at the doorstep as you enter the birth center. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Since we cannot do that, we instead work with you to create an environment in which you feel safe and… Continue reading Safe and Supportive Environment

Emergency Drills and Skills

Practicing emergency skills and drills is an important aspect of our culture of safety at the birth center. Is this because we have a lot of emergencies? NO!! In fact, the exact opposite is true! Emergencies in the birth center are extremely rare! It is important for our Certified Nurse Midwives and Registered Nurse Birth… Continue reading Emergency Drills and Skills

Natural Birth

The most common reason we hear for clients choosing Sacred Roots for their pregnancy and birth experience is that they want a natural birth. What does this mean? Natural birth? This isn’t a term that our team typically uses – natural birth can mean different things to different people. For some, this term is equivalent… Continue reading Natural Birth

Creating Sacred Roots

When I worked as a midwife in the hospital, I found that labor and birth were often managed so much by policies, procedures, and routines. It is such a busy environment, and often understaffing leads to providers and nurses being pulled in every direction. Too often, the experience of the birthing person and family becomes… Continue reading Creating Sacred Roots

I Have Looked At This Picture Thousands Of Times

I have looked at this picture thousands of times. Not looking at myself – not even looking at my baby. But I’ve been in awe every time I look at this and see the smile my midwife has on her face. The type of care and support that I’ve received from the ladies over at… Continue reading I Have Looked At This Picture Thousands Of Times