Sacred Roots
Birth & Wellness Center

A Sacred, Holistic Model of Care

With two locations in the Indianapolis area, our staff of expert nurse-midwives are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality care, catering to the individual needs of our clients.

We strive to make maternal and infant health better, by empowering women and families throughout the birth experience.

The Midwife Model of Care

Birth Center

Nurse-Midwife Assisted Birth


Well Woman Care

Our Value Comparison

Sacred Roots Birth Center Vs Typical Hospital
Sacred RootsHospital
Length of Prenatal Visits30-60 minutes5-15 minutes
Childbirth Education Classes
Breastfeeding Support
Guidance in Birth Vision Creation
Doulas are Welcome & Encouraged
Birth in Any/Desired Position

What our clients have to say...

Family-Centered Birth & Wellness Center

Here at Sacred Roots Midwifery, we are dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized, woman and family-centered care to a large and diverse clientele in central Indiana. In addition to fostering a community of cooperation and collaboration across health care systems, we serve as a central hub for women and their families to access pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and holistic women’s health care education, support, and services.

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